What is Confetti?

Confetti is a celebration of Disco by a group of experienced and passionate musicians who share a love of entertaining an audience with such timeless, classic and joyful music.
As if teleported through time from the 1970s, Confetti brings the very essence of Disco to each and every performance. The glitz, the glam and infectious grooves of Disco icons such as Gloria Gaynor, Donna Summer, The Bee Gees, ABBA and Hot Chocolate, have been religiously recreated right down to the smallest sequin and syncopated beat! 
Confetti have lovingly crafted a selection of over 100 songs from the golden era of Disco allowing them to cater for any pub/club gig, corporate event or special celebration with the guarantee that everyone will think they are at Studio 54!
So why not throw on a frock, put up the glitter ball and have Confetti make your next event a night to remember! 
Viva la discotheque!

Meet the Band

Grace Losurdo - Lead Female Vocals

Grace is more than just amazing, she is the quintessential vocal embodiment of the classic 70s disco diva! Grace draws on years of experience, including touring with Delilah as backing vocalist, to deliver a level of authenticity to her performances with Confetti not normally seen or heard. Close your eyes and imagine the golden voices of Gloria Gaynor, Diana Ross, Donna Summer and Tina Turner rolled into one and you have Grace Losurdo! But wait, there's more! Combine that with her Farrah Fawcett’s hairstyle and unsurpassed skills on a Jenome sewing machine unleashing fabulous fashion creations that Coco Chanel would be proud of and you have the ultimate 70s disco sensation!


Denis Carnahan - Lead Male Vocals

Denis Carnahan is a man who almost needs no introduction….almost, so here we go: Denis has a long background in live and television entertainment. Best known for his political and sporting satire (if you haven’t seen “Rugby League The Musical” you haven’t lived), twenty five years live entertainment and writing themes for film and TV, there was still something missing in his life. Plagued with a niggling itch that no post-match rubdown with liniment could relieve, he knew there was only one answer. Disco! Putting on those platform shoes, fine tuning the falsetto and throwing on the flares was almost enough but taking it from the bedroom to the stage with Confetti was the final answer! Trading the footy for a mirror ball, Denis is busy kicking disco goals. Just remember, laces out Denis, laces out!

Laura Burrows - Backing Vocal + Percussion

There are very few vocalists around who love to specialise in creating great harmony backing vocals.  Thankfully for Confetti, we have been vocally blessed with our harmony specialist, Laura.  Laura has a rare talent in that she can pretty much harmonise with anything that utters a sound. She could even make the Sex Pistols sound like The Stylistics with a few, well chosen harmonies!
Great vocal production is vital to disco and Laura adds the icing to our formidable lead vocal team of Grace and Denis. To pass the time between harmonies, Laura also adds the occasional bit of percussion to various songs where required and as if that’s not enough, this musical over-achiever has also played bass and when not crooning with Confetti, laying down some great grooves with former 80s cover band Shanghai Diner. 

Wayne Black - Drummer

Wayne is a very accomplished, dedicated and meticulous drummer who has played with many of Sydney’s finest musicians.  His wide ranging experience has seen him playing and touring with originals bands, big bands, tribute shows, 70s and 80s cover bands through to soul, jazz and blues bands.  
A recent overseas trip saw him playing with some jazz friends in Chicago! Add in studio session experience and the ability to learn songs fast and it is easy to see that Wayne is the “go to guy” for percussion – which is exactly what Confetti went and did!  Disco is all about rhythm and with Wayne providing a solid foundation down in the engine room in collaboration with Confetti bass player Dom, all the other magical layers that make up great Disco are able to seamlessly fall in to place on the rich, rhythmic tapestry provided. Top it off with a sparkling Pearl kit that almost dances by itself and the engine room is the place to be!

Guppy - Guitarist

Guppy really is the brains and founding inspiration behind the Confetti disco juggernaut. Having harboured a secret desire to release his inner glitter ball since a very young age, Guppy could contain it no longer and Confetti was born.
He honed his skills on the circuit playing a wide variety of styles in originals and cover bands supporting the likes of The Whitlams, Grinspoon and The Radiators. He was also quite active in the vibrant Blue Mountains music scene with regular gigs, session recording work and airplay on local radio. Being a mathematics teacher by day, not only does Guppy keep the rest of us in line, he has the uncanny ability to rhythmically divide a bar of music into the funkiest disco quadratic equation imaginable that would make Nile Rodgers and Pythagoras proud.

Paul “Pod” O’Doherty - Keyboard

Our keyboard player Pod, is a multi instrumentalist who has the ability to play a variety of instruments ranging from tuba to ukulele. Like Guppy, Pod has always wanted to play Disco however he has never really found the right opportunity to fully spread his Disco wings, until Confetti came calling.
Pod has many years of rock/pop band and concert band experience under his belt performing with popular function band Live Band Karaoke and also previously performing on pipe organ and tuba (not at the same time) at The Sydney Opera House. 
When not arranging Disco classics on his ukulele or playing keyboards for Confetti, Pod is an award winning senior sports vision editor with a career covering everything from The Ashes to Wimbledon.  Pod has also built his own home rehearsal/recording studio complete with glitter ball.

Dom Kennelly - Bass + Backing Vocal

Confetti bass player, Dom started his musical career in Westfield Plaza, Hornsby singing “Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head” at the age of 4. Enjoying the experience so much, he decided to stay on stage and sing the song again only to be promptly booted off so some other kid could sing “Baa Baa Black Sheep”.
Skipping forward a few years, Dom has been playing bass in various original and cover bands around Sydney performing in most major venues on the circuit and often being called upon to “fill in” at a moments notice. 
Dom also spent a number of years ‘behind the glass’ working in the recording studio with diverse acts such as The Screaming Jets, Def FX, Swoop, The Bushwackers and The Whitlams Still, as some would say, ‘Yeah, but it’s not Disco!’ and so, after learning about Confetti guitarist Guppy’s life long dream to play Disco, he jumped at the chance to perform such amazing songs, bought a white and gold bling bass and climbed on board the Confetti train!


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